First Annual Juneteenth: Saturday, June 19, 2021 from 10:00am - Noon.  Held at the Ben Holladay Pavilion in Weston City Park.

Board of Aldermen

12/14/20 December Agenda Agenda      
11/09/20 November Agenda Agenda       Minutes      
10/27/20 Special Meeting Notice Agenda      
10/12/20 October Agenda Agenda      
09/17/20 September Agenda Agenda       Minutes      
08/26/20 Public Hearing Notice Taxes Agenda       Minutes      
08/10/20 August Agenda Minutes      
07/13/20 July Agenda Agenda      
06/23/20 June Special Meeting Minutes Minutes      
06/08/20 June Agenda Agenda       Minutes      
05/11/20 May Agenda Agenda       Minutes      
04/08/20 April Agenda Minutes      
03/16/20 March Agenda Minutes      
03/16/20 Closed Minutes Release Minutes      
02/24/20 February Agenda Minutes      
01/24/20 Special Meeting Minutes      
01/13/20 January Agrenda Minutes      
01/13/20 Public Hearing Minutes      
Architectural Advisory Board

Board of Adjustment

Historic Preservation Commission

Park Board

Planning and Zoning Commission

11/10/20 P&Z Meeting Notice Agenda      
09/28/20 P&Z Meeting Notice Agenda      
07/27/20 P&Z Meeting Notice Agenda