City Of Weston Street Department

Superintendent | Mike Large

After Hours Emergency Phone Number: 816-858-5848 (Platte Co. Sheriff Dispatcher)

Office Phone & Fax Number : 816-640-5477

The Weston Street department was created when the town became a City in the 1800's. Streets in those days were made of dirt, rock and needed maintained for the wagon and horse traffic it sustained. Ruts, holes and other material left by horses needed repaired, filled in, and picked up. As the City grew, most of the City Streets didn't get much wider, just enough room to allow wagon and horse traffic.

Today the Weston Street Department is responsible for approximately over 14.5 miles of roadway. Over 1000 water meters and water lines to the business and residential customers the City serves. The City Street Department strives to maintain a sound roadway system here in the City, regularly repairing, patching, and applying new overlay to the roads that need it the most.

This Year Projects


Bonds were approved in the amount of $2.3 million by the voters of Weston in August of 2013 for the purpose of rebuilding Washington Street from 5th Street to the Washington Street Bridge and Spring Street from the Washington Street intersection up to Prospect Street.

The project is being engineered by Larkin Lamp Rynearson and is slated to start in early spring of 2016. Water and sewer lines under the street will be replaced, as well as storm sewer pipes and catch basins. New sidewalks, curbs, gutters and roadway will be constructed. Construction completed in 2017.


"Residential - Building Permit"